Somebody Chapter 1

“Is there Life after Death?” she asked.No. We don’t really die, we just get added to one side of the equation to make everything balanced once again.

Her mother’s best friend Sylvia arrived later that morning looking disheveled.”I just had the strangest experience walking over here,” she said. “This older gentleman, who’ve I’ve never even seen before asked me if I knew his nephew.””Well, that’s pretty strange,” the girl said, “let me go find my mom so you can tell her all about it.””Thanks, oh by the way I brought those samples your mother asked for.””Great, ok lemme tell her…. MOM!” shouted the girl.Once her mother arrived, the girl quietly excused herself and headed up to her room.Lately she’d been having all sorts of bad dreams that really kept her awake at night, so consequently getting through the day was hard without a bit of rest.”It’s only 11:30 and I am wiped out, what is going on with me,” she thought. She reflected on the dream that had startled her awake the previous night. In the dream, she had been running, holding someone’s soft, warm hand that was oddly comforting despite the terror she felt herself fleeing from.It was snowing, and something felt so wrong, yet so right. She imagined she was viewing the dream though another’s eyes, their life not familiar to hers. She was herself, but not completely.”Hurry!” the dream person said to her as they struggled to move even faster in the falling show. The distant sounds of pursuit, breaking branches and ragged breathes were becoming louder and closer. Closer still and even though she pushed forward with all her might the person behind was gaining momentum.”Stop! Please! I need help, I need the answer to my question!” their pursuer screamed out. Suddenly, the path and dropped down into and through a frozen creek. The girl and the boy looked at each other and then jumped onto the frozen ice. Noises of ice shifting and cracking sounded around them as they ran toward the opposite bank. A noise, like a thousand whips cracking made them pause, afraid to continue their desperate struggle.They stopped, slowly and delicately turned around to face the one who had chased them to this precarious spot.”Please, don’t move, if you take another step the ice is going break and take us all with it!” shouted the girl. “Please,” she whispered as tears started to sting her eyes in the cold”.”That’s why I came here, to find you…and… I finally found you, at last”. And suddenly, the ice groaned once and then broke like a porcelain tea cup. The girl took one last breath before plunging into the frozen darkness below.


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