Somebody Chapter 2

She opened her eyes with a start. She must have fallen asleep because instead of the warm yellow glow of morning sun she saw lengthening shadows stretched across the hardwood floor of her bedroom. What time was it… “Oh my God it’s 6:30?” What the hell how could her mom let her sleep for more than 7 hours, it was supposed to just be some time to relax in her room, not waste an entire day.”Mom! How could you just leave me there all day?” asked the girl.”What are you talking about, we had lunch and then you said you needed to run some errands in town. Are you feeling ok?” responded the girl’s mother.”Yea, I’m fine, I just don’t really remember anything after Sylvia stopped by earlier this morning, it’s like I blacked out.””Well, you have been really tired lately, and those headaches of yours can really make your memories fuzzy. Take something for your head, and go lie down.”Oh, the headaches. The nightmares were usually accompanied by blinding headaches, migraines really, that could only be alleved by an ice pack and rest. Lots of rest. Usually, these left the girl tired and drained, it seemed that as of late she had been spending a lot of time in her room recuperating from the dreams.”Hmmm, ok, I’ll do that, see you later Mom. Love you.””Love you too, goodnight”, said the girl’s mother.There had been something she needed to do in town but what it was she couldn’t remember for the life of her. She walked back upstairs to her room and sat at her desk. Usually, it helped her remember better to write things out… where was a piece of paper? She found her notepad and opened it to stranger’s handwriting on the first page. What the hell is this, she thought. It was the date 12/12/12, written in broad curvy strokes, so different from her usual slanted and angular handwriting.She was puzzled, confused and disturbed. She decided she must have written the date while practicing her penmanship. Still, how did this get here, she wondered. She put the notebook in her pocket and decided to look up the date. Nothing except for websites showing 12/12/12 as a lucky date to get married and registries of said couples where to be found. Maybe search her town and the date 12/12/12. The news article that hit first on search was about a mysterious disappearance of 3 people in the woods outside of town.They had simply walked into the forest on the evening of a blizzard and never returned. And they were never found despite lengthly search and rescue mission that turned up nothing but faint boot prints starting out on a well known path and then suddenly veering off track. That was weird, she had heard about this before, but it happened so long ago that she wondered why she had written down that date.A sudden flash of pain through her head had her breathe in with a sharp gasp. The migraine that usually accompanied her nightmare had just been delayed not deferred. She knew she had to act fast before it hit with full force. Her head was starting to ache, a painful throb that was the precursor to the migraine. It started to sound like white noise, and she felt like she was in a blurry black and white vortex. Somehow she laid down on the bed and rested the back of her hand on her forehead.The cool touch helped the girl feel better, but somewhere in that dull cacophony it seemed like she was hearing a voice, maybe the person from the dream?She closed her eyes to try and shut out the pain. What was that voice saying? Whoever it belonged to sounded cold, their teeth were chattering and the words were slurred. If only she could drown out the white noise! It was deafening to her mind and opened her eyes, staring at the dark ceiling filled with pools of shadow.”find…….me……..” a voice rasped from the darkness.She tightly shut her eyes in fear.


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