Monsta X in San Francisco

On August 1, I attended my first kpop concert and it was a great experience. The concert was held at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco. I went with my mom who was also going to a kpop concert for her first time so niether one of us knew what to expect. As part of my preparations for the concert I made a Hyungwon fan and t shirt. The shirt is something I am proud of- I created the design myself!After riding Bart to the Powell exit we walked to the Warfield and waited in line with the other monbebes. We ended up waiting for over 2 hours but the wait was bearable because everyone was so sweet. We even got free banners to take into the venue!Finally we made it inside as the music was starting and it was a mad rush to our seats. I have been to other concerts before but nothing compares to the intensity and sheer loudness of this experience. Kpop fans really know how to cheer for their idols! The show itself was exhilirating and my favorite stage was the Lost in the Dream performance. It was a very memorable experience and I cant wait to go to another kpop concert again!


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