Ink Incheon Music Festival

After missing my connecting flight in Hong Kong and the airline misplacing my checked bag I am finally in Korea! The first thing on my itinerary was the Ink Incheon Music Festival. It was an amazing experience one that I will never forget. Before the concert, Trazy tours took us to a market place. Afterwards, we headed to the venue at the stadium in Incheon.My friends and I got great seats near the front of the stage. The concert itself was amazing. There were many different groups that each performed 1 or 2 songs.

My favorite group, B.A.P had an amazing stage and at the end the group members noticed my friends and I- they pointed at us and waved a lot and made hearts at us!!All in all I had a fantastic time at Ink Incheon and hope I can go again next year!


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