Preparing for Bap in Indio, CA!

On November 10, I will be attending the BAP concert in Indio, California at Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino. I am so excited and especially grateful for this opportunity. My friend won tickets and graciously decided to give me one so I will have the chance to see BAP not once, but twice! In addition to attending the concert I will also be hand delivering the letters that Babyz have written from across the globe. It was really quite fun to decorate and prepare the letters for the BAP members I will be taking Megabus down to LA and decided that I will pack and travel light for my 2 day trip. Rather than bringing a suitcase I decided to bring my Tortuga backpack. The Tortuga is able to fit a weeks worth of clothing and supplies in a limited amount of space and since I am traveling by bus and train I think this will be much easier than pulling a suitcase. I am really looking forward to my upcoming trip and can’t wait to update you with pictures from the BAP concert!


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