Packing for a European Trip

In March I am going on a whirlwind tour of Paris, Madrid and London to see one of my favorite artists, Bang Yongguk. To prepare for the journey I have compiled a list of necessities that I will be checking off as the time to leave draws near. For the concert I purchased the mini Coach Dreamer 21. This small bag is large enough to hold all my concert essentials like wallet and lipstick but small enough to not be obtrusive. For the plane ride I will be wearing my Rebecca Minkoff leather jacket and a long skirt and tshirt for comfort. I also plan to bring one pair of comfortable shoes, my Doc Martins that should hold up well for walking long distances and keeping me warm in the cooler temps of Europe. I am packing everything into my Minaal Daily carryon which has 2 compartments , one large for clothing and a second smaller thinner one for tech and accessories. More coming soon!


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