New Makeup & Skincare

Today after visiting the hospital I went makeup shopping for the first time since quarantine began. I got a variety of lip and eye products- several from one of my favorite tried and true brands and a new brand with an interesting product.

Peripera Butter Pang #2 Peach Butter

I purchased two Peripera Butter Pang lip products; the first in #1 Cream Butter and #2 Peach Butter.

Peripera Ink Skinny Eyeliner #1 Ink

This Peripera liner is creamy and smooth, it glides over the skin with eaze.

Peripera Tint Water #2 Pink Juice

This might just be my favorite product of all. It’s a lipstain. The applicator is spongey and distributes just the right amount of product. Once the stain dries, it remains on the lips for quite some time. Very nice finish with the Peripera Butter Pang.

Soo’Ae New York Hydrogel Lip Patch

This is meant to be applied to the lips, similarly to a Korean sheet mask for approximately 10-15 minutes. I’m excited to try it as it treats lines and dryness using collagen and fruit and plant extracts.


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