Gudetama Holika Holika Palette

This palette by Holika Holika is a favorite of mine for many reasons. The first being that it features Gudetama, the cutest egg character from Sanrio.

This adorable collaboration features 4 shades, with 3 being matte and the remaining a shimmer with small glitter particles.

I originally purchased this palette in Korea and it brings back memories of my checked luggage which had been delayed at the airport. I only had my carry on and no makeup so I stopped by the CVS near my airbnb and purchased some much needed supplies, the Holika Holika palette being among them.

When I saw that the palette was available on Amazon I purchased it immediately, as it is limited edition and hard to find. Using the four eyeshadows I have created a look featured in the Youtube video below.


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  1. Love this! I love Holika Holika products so definitely would love to try this gorgeous palette! 🧡


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