Animal Crossing New Horizons Villager Homes

Koriko Onsen

My Animal Crossing New Horizons villagers are Biff, Big Top, Dotty, Henry, Kiki, Norma, Pietro, Shino, Snooty and T-Bone.

Koriko Map

I have downloaded Happy Home Paradise but haven’t completed all 30 homes which unlocks the ability to decorate villager’s houses myself. However, that’s ok with me because I love seeing how the villager’s design and incorporate gifts into their homes.

Biff was one of my starter villagers and never decorated his house except for a sleeping bag and table. I gifted him furniture, a kettle bell and a protein shake which he has on display.

Big Top has a rustic style. I gifted him the vase in the lower left hand corner.

Dotty’s house is cute and stylish with the wreath on the front door.

Henry’s house features the froggy chair outside. His style indoors is modern and he has the most kitchen accessories.

Kiki has a dress I gave her on display in her home. She frequently also displays food items.

Norma’s house features a thatched roof and rustic details inside and out. I gifted her a bag but it’s hidden inside the dresser.

Pietro has a colorful interior to his home.

Shino’s home is Japanese inspired with minimalistic details.

Snooty’s home features zen inspired kimono and bamboo details.

T-Bone has a house with a grand interior. I gifted him the large green vase.


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