LeSportsac x Hello Kitty Collection

Recovering After Surgery

It’s important to continue having a healthy mindset, both before and after surgery to ensure healing. What better way to feel good than retail therapy? The Doc Marten Jadon Boot in white are the perfect fit and I can’t wait to wear them to a concert!

My Surgery Story

On the last day of January, I had surgery to remove the cancer. I asked the surgeon about playing music in the operating room and requested BAP. The surgeons allowed me to take my matobong into the operating room. When I was wheeled into the OR I could hear Jongup’s beautiful voice and it was…

My Cancer Story

I’m sitting here waiting to see my plastic surgeon. I never thought I would say those words in my lifetime. I was never one for vanity until the prospect of losing a part of my body became a reality. To stay positive, I’ve thrown myself into work. Currently, I’m working on a project to celebrate…